Gary Zielinski


Gary Zielinski was born August 31, 1965 and is currently an NBA referee.  He has officiated over 285+ regular season games.  Zielinski hails from Magna, UT, and scored a 10 on the Wonderlick exam.  He was tops in his referee class.

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Jeffrey Doman February 25, 2010 at 1:09 pm

February 25, 2010

Mr. Gary Zielinski
NBA Referee

On Sunday night, January 3rd, 2010, I was in the seat next to yours
on the same connecting flight from Denver to Chicago. You may recall that it was not my assigned seat, but I was relocated to that seat after I offered to give up my original aisle seat so that a tall husband and wife could sit together. You may also recall that the
flight stewardess offered me a gratuity for giving up my seat and
I declined the offer politely saying that the only gratuity I would
really like to have is a couple of tickets to a Bulls NBA game since I
have been a life-long fan of the Bulls and the NBA and I still play
basketball in a league in Chicago which includes ex-NBA players,
and I try to watch the Bulls and the NBA as much as I can. Coincidentally, since you were sitting next to me and heard my
conversation with the stewardess, as an NBA referee, you offered to give me tickets to the Bulls game that you were refereeing on
Monday night. Unfortunately, since I had a previous work commitment for that night, I could not attend that game, although
you offered to try and get me tickets for another game instead.
I am emailing you today to inform you that I would greatly appreciate taking you up on your offer to see if you could provide
me with 2 tickets for the upcoming March 4, 2010 game in Chicago,
a week from today, between the Bulls and the Memphis Grizzlies.
Both the Bulls and the Grizzlies have similar records this year and it should be a great game between two evenly matched play-off bound
teams. This game would be the highlight of my basketball season.
Please feel free to contact me on my cell phone at 773-474-2413
if you are able to provide me with any tickets for that game.
Also, you may recall that I provided you with my business card.
Finally, I really enjoyed meeting you on the flight and I appreciated
you discussing your experiences in the NBA – my favorite pastime.

Thank you.

Jeffrey Doman

email address:

P.S. I would be happy to meet you anytime and anywhere,
at your convenience, to pick up these tickets, if available.

Ernie [Zielinski] Zilinski January 5, 2011 at 7:29 pm

Hey Gary
Saw you officiating the Bulls game Jan5th and was wondering if we might be related. My granddad was raised in Wyoming, John Zielinski, later the e was dropped. His brothers were Stanley, Joe and Al Zielinski, had two sisters one named Helen.
Best to you for the New Year, Ernie

Jacek February 20, 2014 at 8:30 pm

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