Tim Donaghy

tim-donaghy(Pictured: Tim Donaghy in prison)

Tim Donaghy was born January 7, 1967, and is a former NBA referee.  Donaghy officiated 770+ regular season games, 20 play-off games and used his position in all of them to win money.

In this sites opinion, Tim Donaghy is the greatest referee of all time because he had the guts to admit that he intentionally made bad calls.  Granted, he didn’t admit it until he was caught and sure, he spent time in prison for fixing NBA games – but he told the truth.

If only the rest of the referees had the guts to admit that they are fixing games as well.

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Annie January 27, 2010 at 11:36 pm

Steve Javie retire? He is MIA

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