Rules Information

I’ll use this page to post information regarding the NBA rules that the referees are selectively enforcing.


Official rules of the NBA:  There are also summaries of rule changes from season to season, rules history and the most misunderstood rules.  That last one might be one the officials should review on a regular basis.

NBA video rule book:  Pretty cool resource for explanations of different types of fouls.

Illustrated Hand Signals: Good resource to understand what the various hand signals that officials use.  It doesn’t, however, give illustrations of hand signals fans use to show their distaste with the referees.

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a. reader July 10, 2011 at 4:09 pm

None of the 3 links at (official rules, video rules, illustrated signals) work. The page is not dated to provide an inkling of when it was considered useful. As of today, 07/10/11, the page is 100% useless for “Rules Information.”

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